Teen Therapy

2038068668Parents don’t understand.

Teens face many challenges, many of which are different from those faced by their parents. These differences can sometimes create tension between teens and their parents.

One teen noted, “They don’t know what I am going through. Their problems were so different than mine.”

Being a teen also involves trying to gain independence during this time of transition. Some teens express their feelings by saying, “All I want is to be independent. I want them to trust me and the decisions I make.”

Sometimes, there is a disconnect between teens and their parents. One teen said, “When I try to connect with my parents, they are always busy.” Some parents express this same feeling.

Being a teen is about self-discovery.

The pressures teens feel are real and overwhelming. Classes and homework are essential, especially if the teen wants to attend college. Then, there is relationship pressure, and at the same time, they want to please their parents.

One teen said, “I just want to be me without the criticism, judgment, and expectations.”

As they search for their own identity and attempt to become more self-aware, teens often don’t want to seek advice. Instead, they turn to peers.

Unfortunately, their peers are struggling with similar issues. One teen said, “I tried to turn to my friends for guidance, but we seem to be going through the same things.”

Teens can become mentally stressed.

As a result of the challenges they face and the stress they are under, teens do not know where to turn for help. The following are feelings expressed by some teens.

“I am not my feelings. It is so hard to concentrate. I feel like I am coming and going at the same time.”

“My mind is racing constantly, and it feels like I have nowhere to turn.”

“What if it is me, and something is truly wrong?”

2007818063Teen therapy provides a time for self-exploration.

Teens, it’s OK to explore the concept of YOU. Life is about being and becoming. As a teen, you must figure out who you are before you can find out who you will become.

Teen therapy provides a safe, nonjudgmental space where teens can explore the issues they face. We want to work with you to understand that acceptance comes from within, and only you can create your destiny.

As your therapist, I will work closely with you to navigate the challenges of emerging young adulthood. We will work together to learn essential coping skills and strategies needed to gain a sense of independence successfully.

Let’s make this transition more accessible for all concerned. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how teen therapy can help make life as a teenager less challenging.