Parenting Therapy

1916666765Becoming a parent raises many doubts and questions.

“Will I be a good parent? What am I going to do? I will be a parent, and I have no clue.”

“Maybe I’m making a mistake, or maybe I’m just not cut out for parenthood. I don’t even know where to start.”

“Everything feels so uncertain, and everybody has their own opinions.”

“I tried to talk to my parents, but it’s been 30 years since they’ve had children. Times have changed, and I don’t have the resources they had.”

Some parents wonder, “Am I a good parent?”

“I tried to give my kids everything I didn’t have, but it still feels like a struggle.”

“I feel like the house is in chaos constantly, and my relationship is on the brink.”

“My kids and I constantly argue. I don’t understand what is going on. I want to give them the best life possible, but I don’t feel like there’s any gratitude.”

Feeling guilty is part of parenting.

“Recently, I took away my child’s cell phone, and they got so angry. I immediately returned it because I felt guilty.”

“While I want to spend time with my children, I have to work, which takes me away most of the day.”

“The house is in utter disarray, but requiring my kids to do chores is too much to ask.”

2013742493You are a parent – now what?

“What do I do now? If only there was someone that could understand modern parenting.”

“Do I want to be a gentle parent, a free-range parent, or an authoritative parent?”

“I don’t agree with how my parents did things, but I don’t know any different.”

“The parenting books talk about attachment, boundaries, and other jargon I don’t understand.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep parenting simple?

At least, it would be nice if there was a way to talk sensibly about parenting. Providing a helpful conversation is where Parenting Therapy can help because, in this space, parents can voice their concerns and work with someone knowledgeable about parenting to help find solutions.

Our parenting therapists are parents, and we understand the parenting experience in the New Age. Parenting therapy provides information on preparing for being a parent, discusses practical approaches when challenges arise, and supports parents.

The above comments by parents highlight the many challenges they face, and each child is unique and may respond differently to a parenting strategy. We will help you understand the challenges of parenthood and develop an approach that benefits you and your child.

We will filter through the jargon to keep it simple. Let’s make parenting more accessible to all concerned. For more information on Parenting Therapy, please get in touch with us today.