About BME Therapy Associates

136209293When you say, you’re F.I.N.E….

Family and friends have told you so much about things that are happening in life. It feels as if you are still on this continuous cycle of fights and arguments.

Nobody understands or even cares to listen, so you just say, “I’m fine.”

Of course, you’re feeling Frantic, Insecure, Negative, and Emotional.

We are here to assist.

We have a wide selection of therapists to address your challenges.

Our practice helps people with depression, anxiety, trauma, neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ issues, relationships, marriage, post-partum or family issues, and an array of other concerns.

From day 1, we ensure you get exactly what you need from the therapeutic process.

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all model.

Treatment should reflect the uniqueness of the individual. At BME Therapy Associates, our clinicians are highly trained to understand your needs during the session.

Depending on the clinician, you will experience therapeutic skills building, developing mental health education, personal insights, and a little humor.

Whether you are doing trauma work using EMDR or relational work through the Gottman method, you will experience a sense of pride and comfort that you are with a professional.

2307223415We are not looking for perfection but progress.

How do we measure progress? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, a better tomorrow results in the actions that you take today.

In this, you have nothing to fear.

We will walk with you throughout this journey. We will continue to guide and support you.

You are never alone, and no one is an island.

The new you is right around the corner.

At BME Therapy Associates, “fine” is just not good enough.

Take a second to think about everything that is not working in your life and imagine how things could be different.

Now, reimagine what your life would be like if you made a few changes. This is what awaits you around the corner.

We provide an endless array of coping skills and therapeutic tools that will allow you to unlock your full potential and truly authentic self.


Think about the person you want to be. Think about relationships you crave. Think about the life you want.

With a little support, guidance, and expertise, you can unlock a completely different sense of yourself. A person that you are happy to look at in the mirror. A person who can see themselves with courage, love, and empathy.

Our primary goal is to continually build a greater sense of strength, empowerment, and courage in all our clients.

Reimagine the you of your dreams! Call us today at (302) 440-4032 to get started on a therapy journey tailored to you.