Couples Therapy

1156208659Resentment has replaced contentment.

Relationships change, making couples wonder whether it is worth staying together.

Once overlooked, behaviors can become annoying. As one partner said, “I can’t stand when he does that. I feel like my partner does these things intentionally to defy me.”

Happiness becomes replaced by doubt, making one wonder if they made the right choice. “Sometimes, I don’t like my partner and think it’s easier if I were with someone else.”

Some issues, especially infidelity, can create problems with trust and forgiveness. “What they did is unforgivable, and I’m unsure how I will get over this.”

Arguments become more common.

Honest and open communication can seem impossible, causing the couple to think, “We don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. Sometimes, we look at each other with pure disgust.”

“Every day is a battle, and we’re constantly walking on eggshells.” Avoidance seems to be the best strategy to keep the peace.

Each of you expresses feelings differently. “My partner is so passive-aggressive. I can hear the discontent in their voice, and I don’t know what to do.”

Now it seems every conversation ends the same – “It’s strange, suddenly even fun events and conversations end in a yelling match.”

1016243935Isolation has replaced togetherness.

Sharing the same space has become a problem. “Sitting in the same room with someone you despise is challenging.”

“I remember a day when we used to be so connected and attuned.” You were so close that you could finish each other’s sentences and laugh.

“Now, here we go, another Saturday night. My partner is out, and I’m at home all alone.” You don’t even pretend to want to be together.

Seeking reconnection is hard.

“We’ve tried the date nights, the spontaneous outings, the apps, and the books. Nothing works! Maybe we’re not meant for each other anymore.”

You know you love your partner, but liking them is getting harder and more challenging.

Now, the two of you are at your wit’s end!

Reignite the flame!

We get it. Sometimes, the best relationships are not about starting over or fixing all the problems.

Relationships require work, strategy, and a meeting of the minds. You can’t date your way to better communication, nor can you communicate your way toward relational cohesion.

Our relational therapist will work with you to find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your relationship. We will work closely with both partners to practice the skills needed to build solidarity and regain that sense of connectedness you once felt, one built upon a solid foundation of trust and mutual admiration.

Let’s work together as you find ways to reconnect, communicate, and love being with one another again.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss how couples therapy can help.