About Brian T. Jones, LMHC PMHC CCTP-II

BrianIf you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

I like this quote my father told me. He wanted to impart a strong work ethic and a desire to develop pride in my work.

I have an array of experience working with anxiety, depression, life coaching, and men’s issues. I’ve also helped clients with dissociative identity and complex trauma.

Working with these different people and issues has shown me that I can help with the most complicated cases and enjoy every moment of it.

I believe therapy requires equal parts Science, Philosophy, and Life Experience.

In session, you can expect to be challenged physically, mentally, intellectually, and emotionally.

My clients would typically describe me as funny, direct, and a little bit sarcastic.

I use logical humor and irony to point out inconsistencies between the way you think and the way you behave.

Life is not one-dimensional, and therefore, neither is therapy.

During our time, we will discuss many areas, including literature, philosophy, myth, culture, existence, and maybe a bit of reality television.

Therapy requires both a knowledge of intricacies of the mind and the ways you cope with the complexities of your experiences.

I want to learn about what makes you tick and what stops you from thriving.

No one should be left to battle with their psychological demons on their own. In my experience, many people will not seek help and live with the thought that they are beyond repair.

Facing your fears and worries can be difficult. That is why my first priority is to make you feel safe.

I provide a welcoming environment that will allow you to begin the process of healing by first addressing the pain that keeps you from moving forward.

Every client is approached with an openness to their experiences and what they need to effectively start a healing process.

I ensure you are both understood and feel a sense of care.

You are complex and so am I.

Outside of being a therapist, I am a husband, a father, a son, a dog dad, and a friend.

As a lucky husband and a proud girl-dad, we enjoy our time by having multiple adventures, including going to the trampoline park, swimming, and rocking out to Encanto and Moana.

Sometimes, we just start dancing for no reason.

In addition, I enjoy watching horror movies and providing extensive commentary on the intricacies of action movie fight scenes.

I love reading philosophy and anything that teaches about the mind.

Finally, I am a semi-professional Strongman athlete. Whether I am lifting cars or pressing stones over my head, I believe that whatever you do in life requires 100% effort and 200% fun.