Individual Therapy

1823809913The constant pressure of stress is weighing you down.

Sometimes, you feel like the world’s weight is on your shoulders, and your friends keep saying that you look different. “They say I look tired, worn out; I am not myself.”

“I seem to get angry about the little things.” A year ago, you could tackle the same challenge with no problem. Now, it feels like everything is so difficult.

The constant pressure of bills, work, family, and other responsibilities feels too much. You think, “I don’t know what else to do besides giving up.”

Depression makes you spiral out of control.

“Why does life feel so hard? Getting out of bed seems almost impossible.” Your brain constantly has you in two different moods. On the one hand, you want to curl up in my bed and sleep all day. On the other hand, you know you need to get things done, but it’s also overwhelming.

“If only I could get out of this negative headspace. I know I can do great things, but I can’t help continuously criticize every moment of the day.”

Sometimes, you feel like you cannot even care for your children anymore. You wonder, “Maybe they are better off with someone else.”

Depression makes you feel like an imposter. “I am a failure, a fraud, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out who I am.”

Anxiety creates a dark and gloomy tunnel.

Moving on with your life is challenging, making you think, “I don’t know if I can go on. Just the thought of facing another day gives me great fear.”

No matter the circumstances, you constantly think about the worst possible situation. “When I’m sitting in the meeting, I can’t stop shaking my leg or biting my nails, waiting for me to say something stupid.”

Your mind feels like a crowded restaurant – “Everyone is talking, and there’s no room for my voice.”

Anxiety seems like a never-ending sense of gloom, and it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel. “This is no light for me, but I cannot make changes. What’s the point?”

1910009488Every relationship seems to fall apart.

Failing relationships impact your life. You think, “No one understands me. I try to talk to my friends, and they tell me I’m overreacting.”

Every relationship seems to fail, and you no longer talk to your friends.

“Even my search for the right partner seems to fall apart within the first week. If I can find a promising relationship, I always wait for the other shoe to drop.”

To you, giving up seems like the best option.

“Maybe it’s me. Maybe I am unfixable. If I am, there is no hope and nothing I can do about it.”

You’ve tried therapy in the past. While you don’t mind discussing your day, you don’t feel you’ve gotten much out of it.

Hurting your family, friends, and anyone around you seems ongoing, making you wonder, “I need something to change in my life.”

Alternatively, you think, “Maybe I am meant to be alone.”

1458773024Permit yourself to live.

We understand how you feel. Between the daily battles and the constant pressure in life, it’s almost as if you don’t even know who you are anymore. Finding out where you are and want to be is where individual therapy can help.

Here, we like to permit clients to be themselves. You are complex and unique – and that’s how we like it.

Our clinicians are genuinely concerned about your challenges. Given our combination of real-world experience and clinical application, we provide a safe environment for you to explore those challenges and grow with courage and resilience.

Think of individual therapy as a time for self-exploration as you learn skills to help you deal with your problems.

Let’s get back to the REAL you.

Let’s take those most important steps toward building that truly authentic you.

Strategies for change are just a phone call away.

Call us today to start working toward a stronger and more resilient self.